ARCHITEXX is an independent, unaffiliated organization for women in architecture that seeks to transform the profession of architecture by BRIDGING THE ACADEMY AND PRACTICE.  We are a cross-generational group of academics and practitioners.  We believe that seeds established in the academy and adopted in practice, are outdated models which perpetuate myths and unsustainable trends in the personal, private, and workplace group experience and public, client perception.  We ask …

HOW will we encourage and promote leadership of women?
HOW can we strategically, systematically retain women in the profession long-term and overcome the factors that contribute to attrition?
HOW will we redefine ideas of contemporary success?
HOW will we creatively cultivate wellness in all of our initiatives?

HOW can we most effectively increase diversity?
HOW can we support change in compensation and identification of value?

HOW would you feel if the dreams you had as an architectural student were realized in your career?