Structure of ArchiteXX

We are exploring a modern, holistic, evolved, model of interaction in ARCHITEXX.  This is new to those of us who have been conditioned by established workplace process. The bridging of academy and practice, a core mission of our group, is instructive for our own internal dynamic group structure. We embrace philosophical differences and interests and support conversation.  We come face to face with the joys and challenges of collaboration.

Accordingly, our organizational structure is organic and evolving.  We ask ourselves the question of HOW? internally first. We listen. We recognize the wisdom in not in knowing all the answers and the value of patience. The right solutions and structure will come. In other words, what we are taking on as a mission — rethinking institutional hierarchies and conventional models of practice — we are taking on ourselves. Our organization encourages participation by all members and supportive of member-driven initiatives. After all, we couldn’t do it without you, and believe change happens from the inside out.