Young Architects Respond

Young Architects Respond

Millennial architects explain the real reasons we won’t be your CAD bitch. By Violet Whitney, Julie Pedtke and Matthew Lohry [above: Poolside millennials revelling in “the freedoms that youth affords.”] Young architects, seen as politically self-important millennials, too “impatient” and “entitled” to work their way up the ladder, are rejecting jobs at brick and mortar architecture firms […]

f-architecture on (Political) Labor and Its Refusal

f-architecture on (Political) Labor and Its Refusal

By Gabrielle Printz [Above: solidarity rally at Washington Square Park for the National General Strike on February 17th] Protest is rarely simple objection. It is a pro-active practice and enterprise that requires intense organization, resources, and space. There’s the subway swipe to the site of demonstration, the privately-owned but public square where it’s held, the necessary […]

Introducing f-architecture: <br>sub_teXXt’s First Guest Editors</br>

Introducing f-architecture:
sub_teXXt’s First Guest Editors

By Gabrielle Printz, Rosana Elkhatib, and Virginia Black Editor’s note: In an effort to foster new and fresh thinking on long-standing subjects, ArchiteXX is introducing a new format for our online journal, sub_teXXt. We are inviting guest editors to take over the blog for 3-month intervals, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our first […]

Reflect, Reclaim, Redefine: <br>Detroit’s Imani Day Wants a More Diverse and Engaged Profession</br>

Reflect, Reclaim, Redefine:
Detroit’s Imani Day Wants a More Diverse and Engaged Profession

By Sarah Rafson For most designers, it takes years to develop a distinctive style and purpose. Imani Day, a designer in Gensler’s Detroit office, seems to be ahead of that curve. Imani, who earned her professional degree in 2011, has shown her  strength as a designer through her work at Cornell and later in the offices […]

Thoughts after the Women’s March

Thoughts after the Women’s March

By Lori Brown, co-founder, ArchiteXX On the metro heading towards the Women’s March in DC that Saturday morning, the energy and excitement was undeniable; there was a shared vitality and enthusiasm. Walking past the United States Capitol Building, I was overwhelmed by the vast number of people, thousands walking towards the National Mall, who were […]

Evolution and Leaning In: <br>Jenny Peysin on the Making of a Firm, in Real Time</br>

Evolution and Leaning In:
Jenny Peysin on the Making of a Firm, in Real Time

By Julia Gamolina After just seven years in the industry, two of which were spent managing the high profile renovation of Carnegie Hall, Jenny Peysin is the founder and principal of a brand-new Brooklyn-based boutique firm, Jenny Peysin Architecture. In this interview, Jenny speaks to Julia Gamolina, friend and fellow Cornell architecture alumna, about her […]

Flashback Feminism: Phyllis Birkby and Women’s Environmental Fantasies

Flashback Feminism: Phyllis Birkby and Women’s Environmental Fantasies

By Stephanie Schroeder “It appears that if you were a man, you should be studying architecture.” With that dismissal, in 1948 Noel Phyllis Birkby’s suburban New Jersey high school career counselors squashed her career aspirations. Based on their rigid notions of gender, they shunted her desire to build, guiding her into the more “feminine” study […]

ArchiteXX at ADFF: <br>Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine’s Journey Around the Moon</br>

ArchiteXX at ADFF:
Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine’s Journey Around the Moon

By Rachel Kaplan A Journey Around the Moon (Voyage autour de la Lune) made its U.S. premiere at the Architecture and Design Film Festival last month. The latest installation in Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine’s “Living Architectures” project, the film offered a refreshing contrast to the festival’s starchitect-studded lineup. Neither an architect biopic nor a […]

Space, Time, and Architecture: <br>An Interview with Christina Ciardullo</br>

Space, Time, and Architecture:
An Interview with Christina Ciardullo

Interview by Christopher Ball and Adam Kor While most architects seek out earthly sites, Christina Ciardullo looks to the stars and imagines what building on Mars might look like. Bringing humanism to the scientific world of NASA, Ciardullo’s work and teaching explores how the unforgiving climes of Mars might support not just people, but poetics. […]

On Collaboration & Keeping it All in Perspective: <br>A Conversation with Sara Lopergolo</br>

On Collaboration & Keeping it All in Perspective:
A Conversation with Sara Lopergolo

By Julia Gamolina Sara Lopergolo is a partner at Selldorf Architects, one of the world’s most prominent woman-owned practices. She has over 25 years of experience working internationally for Koetter Kim, Elkus Manfredi, and her own firm G and L Architects, as well as Selldorf Architects, where she currently works. In a conversation with Julia […]