The initial idea for ArchiteXX began with a conversation about mentorship. In the academy and practice, from our students and colleagues, at events and in hushed, private conversations, we witnessed  a hunger for advice, learning  and support. We see this as a way of connecting  professionally and personally, and as a component of our WELLNESS initiative.  Our goal is to make MENTORSHIP OPTIONS available  in New York City where we are beginning, in your city….anywhere.  If you want to start a group in your city, please let us know….


Monthly  ArchiteXX  Meetings

Cross Generation/Cross Academy and Practice Groups….We love that our  monthly group-wide meetings are a mix of students, professors, young and seasoned professionals…gathering to socialize and  discuss with an equal, respected  voice.  See our calendar.


Mentorship Meetings in Homes

We meet monthly in a small intimate setting. Anyone is welcome. See our calendar.


For our Far XX’s 

Virtual Conversations with you,  even if you are in a small town on the other side of the world. Please write to us.


Peer Support

Support  groups for those with the same interests, age, or level of experience. This is a place where senior leaders, new graduates or parents, for example, can support each other.  Please write to us so that we can assist in putting together your specific peer support group.


One to One Mentorships

We will pair you up. Please write to us.

We want to hear from you, no matter where you are…if you want individual or group support and if you would like to be a mentor.  Each of us can provide support, whatever our age or experience is.
It is a gift to someone else and to ourselves.