Space, Time, and Architecture: <br>An Interview with Christina Ciardullo</br>

Space, Time, and Architecture:
An Interview with Christina Ciardullo

Interview by Christopher Ball and Adam Kor While most architects seek out earthly sites, Christina Ciardullo looks to the stars and imagines what building on Mars might look like. Bringing humanism to the scientific world of NASA, Ciardullo’s work and teaching explores how the unforgiving climes of Mars might support not just people, but poetics. […]

Teaching Architecture & Gender:</br>Why We’re Still Not Getting it Right

Teaching Architecture & Gender:
Why We’re Still Not Getting it Right

By Catherine W. Zipf To those who pooh-pooh the idea that architects need to study gendered spaces, I offer this challenge: find a building that doesn’t have a bathroom. Bathrooms are the quintessential gendered space. They are the most common gendered space we encounter on a regular basis. They are also chameleons in that regard; many bathrooms change […]

wikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design

wikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design

We are delighted to announce that we have received seed funding from the Wikipedia Foundation for a joint project with  ArchiteXX, Parlour (Melbourne) and n-ails (Berlin) to increase the representation of women architects on Wikipedia. We have started the behind-the-scenes work and will soon be able to provide information about resources and events. In the meantime, […]