f-architecture on (Political) Labor and Its Refusal

f-architecture on (Political) Labor and Its Refusal

By Gabrielle Printz [Above: solidarity rally at Washington Square Park for the National General Strike on February 17th] Protest is rarely simple objection. It is a pro-active practice and enterprise that requires intense organization, resources, and space. There’s the subway swipe to the site of demonstration, the privately-owned but public square where it’s held, the necessary […]

Introducing f-architecture: <br>sub_teXXt’s First Guest Editors</br>

Introducing f-architecture:
sub_teXXt’s First Guest Editors

By Gabrielle Printz, Rosana Elkhatib, and Virginia Black Editor’s note: In an effort to foster new and fresh thinking on long-standing subjects, ArchiteXX is introducing a new format for our online journal, sub_teXXt. We are inviting guest editors to take over the blog for 3-month intervals, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our first […]