ArchiteXX + University Hubs Fall Fundraiser

ArchiteXX + University Hubs Fall Fundraiser

Please join us with our university hubs for our first fall fundraising event in just a few weeks!  Many schools across New York State will be hosting a “Show Us Your PiXX” pecha kucha and raffle. Please purchase your raffle tickets here and help us get the word out! There are great prizes you can […]

university hubs fall ’15 + spring ’16

university hubs fall ’15 + spring ’16

We are excited to finally announce our year-long series on Environmental Impact(s): Design + Environment | Environment + Design! The series asks what is environmental impact and how do designers work with and for the sustainability of the planet? On a very basic and elemental level, how does the discipline of architecture work to circumvent […]

2nd annual: women. wikipedia. design. #wikiD

2nd annual: women. wikipedia. design. #wikiD

Help us celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month by writing at least one woman architect, designer or someone involved in the built environment into wikipedia. ArchiteXX would like to invite everyone you know to help write into wikipedia women designers, architects and all those involved in the creation of our built environment during […]

Space, Time, and Architecture: <br>An Interview with Christina Ciardullo</br>

Space, Time, and Architecture:
An Interview with Christina Ciardullo

Interview by Christopher Ball and Adam Kor While most architects seek out earthly sites, Christina Ciardullo looks to the stars and imagines what building on Mars might look like. Bringing humanism to the scientific world of NASA, Ciardullo’s work and teaching explores how the unforgiving climes of Mars might support not just people, but poetics. […]

On Collaboration & Keeping it All in Perspective: <br>A Conversation with Sara Lopergolo</br>

On Collaboration & Keeping it All in Perspective:
A Conversation with Sara Lopergolo

By Julia Gamolina Sara Lopergolo is a partner at Selldorf Architects, one of the world’s most prominent woman-owned practices. She has over 25 years of experience working internationally for Koetter Kim, Elkus Manfredi, and her own firm G and L Architects, as well as Selldorf Architects, where she currently works. In a conversation with Julia […]

On Reporters and Fronts: <br> Aravena’s 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale </br>

On Reporters and Fronts:
Aravena’s 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

By Gabrielle Printz   When the architecture world raised fury—or commenced eye-rolling—over the all-male panel that inaugurated the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice, we found ourselves confronting a familiar image. Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas and Andrew Makin were among those invited to reflect on “INFRASTRUCTURE” with chief curator Alejandro Aravena and Biennale president Paolo Baratta. As part […]